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Active Clean-Up Powder

Remove skin impurities and moisturize cleansed skin.

Incellderm | Active Clean-Up Powder

A powder to foam exfoliating daily cleanser powered by plant-derived Papain enzymes that remove dead skin cells, impurities, and makeup while leaving skin moisturized.

Papain enzymes delivered in a creamy, rich foam soften, exfoliate, and gently release debris, promoting healthy, natural skin turnover to instantly reveal glowing, baby-soft skin.

Size: 90g / 3.17 oz
Skin Type: All skin type available

4D Lustre Cushion

Protects sensitive & troubled skin

It helps protect sensitive and troubled skin with natural moisturizing factor.

pH 5.5 weak acidity cleanser

pH 5.5 A weak acidic cleanser tailored to the skin is made of weak acid, preventing troubles and protecting the skin's moisture barrier.

Papain enzyme content

Papain enzymes help clear and clean the skin and pores.

Main Ingredients

Ceramide Complex

Multi Ex BSASM Plus

Phytopy TF (HD)

Jaungo Extract

Five Leaf Akebia 






After washing your hands thoroughly, place an appropriate amount on the wet palm.


Make a bubble with lukewarm water and apply it on your face.


Depending on your skin type, wash your face for 30 seconds, 

wait 1-3 minutes for exfoliation, then wash off.

Compulsory Notifications

Capacity and Weight

15g / 0.53 oz. *2ea

Product Main Points

Available for all 

Date of Use

Marking containers separately

All Ingredients

Marking containers separately com starch, sodium cochoylescetioset, sodium lauroleglutamate, aloe vera leaf juice, allantoin, betaince, papain, prosthetic cactus extract, king tangerine seed extract, pollen extract, heartleaf houttuynia extract, green tea extract, hydrolized collagen, sorbitol, isopropylpalmitate, ascoville palmitate, titanium deoxide, citric acid, disodium EDTA


Not applicable

Precautions for Use

1. Consult a specialist if you have abnormal symptoms or side effects such as redness, swelling, itchingwhen using cosmetics or after using it.

2. Avoid use in wound areas

3. Precautions for Storage and Handling 

 - Not CHILD 

 - Not Direct Sunlight 

4. Wash with water when the grain got into your eyes, or consult a specialist if you have any problems.

Quality Assurance Criteria

In the event of a product defect, the product may be compensated by the Fair Trade Commission.

Notice consumer dispute settlement standards.  Hansol Biotech Co., Ltd

Cosmetics manufacturer

Hansol Biotech Co., Ltd

Cosmetics dealer in liability

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